Welcome to the Official Website of Sharmane.

I am so encouraged that you've taken the time to visit my website and that you are interested in knowing more about my music and ministry. The last few years have been a tremendous rebirth for me, and I am grateful for every opportunity. As a performing artist many people often ask me what I am passionate about, what I stand for, and what motivates my convictions. I think that's why it is pretty easy for me to call myself a "spiritual champion for faith and family". It really sums it all up for me and you'll find this theme throughout my site, in my blogs, in my music and most importantly, at my LIVE concert/mission events.

Thank you again for stopping by and always feel free to email me your prayer requests, comments or miracle stories. I would love to hear from you!

Peace Be With You,

NEW RELEASE - Leap of Faith!

Despite challenges and obstacles that may lie ahead, most of us start each day with great intentions. We are driven by our hopes and dreams, and find encouragement in taking steps forward in faith that will lead us to our destination. No doubt this is the ongoing theme throughout this new CD from Christian singer/songwriter and performing artist-SHARMANE. The collection of songs on LEAP OF FAITH mirror the invigorating energy and infectious spirit of this artist as they are presented in a pop/ac style that is reminiscent of a sound similar to Wilson Phillips (mainstream) and Point of Grace (Christian). Up-tempo songs such as Life Is More, Stand Up, No Matter What and I Am Yours will have you up on your feet or dancing in your seat. Mid-tempo songs such as Fast Lane, Take Me There and the title track; Leap of Faith will have you paying close attention to the lyrical content of the song and will clearly illustrate parallels with your own life. Creative versions of cover tunes such as Put A Little Love in Your Heart and I Can See Clearly Now will take you back in time, but will show you how relevant they are in the scheme of things today. The beautiful ballad, Generations, pays tribute to the “women” surrounding Sharmane’s life, and how each plays a special role to her own life journey.
LEAP OF FAITH is a CD with music, and a message that appeals to all ages. When you trust in Him, your spirit will soar!

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