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1. Life Is More
2. Fast Lane
3. No Matter What
4. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
5. Take Me There
6. Generations
7. I Can See Clearly Now
8. Leap of Faith
9. Stand Up
10. I Am Yours

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I Surrender - Single Release

Listen to I Surrender
Available as a digital download only Sharmane

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1. Lamb of God
2. With Every Breath
3. Stories
4. I Bow Down
5. So My Soul
6. Faintly
7. Child of God
8. More Than Life Itself
9. Come to Me
10. In Your Presence

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Prayerful Hearts

1. Open My Eyes
2. Act of Contrition
3. Listen to Your Heart
4. Angelís Song / Angel of God Prayer
5. Angels Watching Over You
6. Morning Prayer
7. Standing in the Shadow
8. Prayer of St. Michael
9. Close Your Eyes
10. The Angelus
11. The Decade of the Rosary

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